Monday, August 20, 2007


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So I ended up being the opening DJ for the MF Doom show at the Independent last night. The show started off just fine--I played, Pigeon John played, I did another half-hour or so after Pigeon John, everything went along smoothly--then Doom took the stage. Or rather, "Doom" took the stage. That dude with the mask and the mic was:
1) lip-synching
2) not actually MF Doom

The only thing that was actually live about the show was the hypeman's mic. Everything else ran straight off a recording, and fake Doom pretended to rap and walked up and down the stage doing rapper hands. He faked his way through a set of about 20 minutes, walked off the stage, and jetted out the back door.

For this, people paid $28. They were fucking pissed, booing and throwing bottles onstage and shit. I would be, too. I ended up jumping back on again because, well, somebody had to do something.

There's supposed to be another show tonight, in part because last night's show sold out so quickly. I'm not totally sure it's going to happen, though. As of right now, it is, and if it is, then I'll go play it, but I damn sure ain't gonna be hyping dude up on the mic. Unless I can do some finger-quotes action like:

We got "MF Doom" in the house, and he's going to be "performing" "live" on stage!

not suuuper surprising, he's a bit of a legendary d-bag. thats still crazy though!!! he's a fun mc its a bummer hes clearly show-shitarded. the rest of the thread is here but i had to TLDR that jawn...

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